Mr & Miss Model International


2016 MMI Logo

The Competition Where “YOU” Represent Yourself!!!


The Mr. & Miss Model International 2016

L’Amour Productions. Ava Jhamin and Cacilia McMasters-Solar are pleased to announce  Mr. & Miss Model International 2016!  This competition is unlike any in Second Life,  as you will represent “YOURSELF”,  You will participate in competitions both runway, photo, and group events that will highlight you as a model and individual.

The submissions of your designs, photos etc. would then reflect who “YOU” are as an Second Life Avatar and Real Life Person.

Our goal is to celebrate the uniqueness of each of us. To celebrate who we are, where we come from, and share with others our mission for Second Life.

We invite you to participate as this competition is open to anyone in Second Life, regardless of schooling or lack there of. If you reside in Second Life you are welcome to be a part of our competition.

We will have classes to help with runway walking, posing and hud use.  So, anyone may join and feel they are on a level playing field.

All scoring and judges comments will be available within 48 hours of each competition round in an open forum for all candidates.  This is to show transparency and fairness.

We pride ourselves in being an honest competition.


All candidates must submit a head shot and full body shot to the Mr. & Miss Model International FLICKR site to be considered for the auditions.  All photos must be taken by the candidate ONLY and when submitted become property of the Mr. & Miss Model International Group.

No Nudity will be allowed.


Dec 21- Dec 27th 2016

All photos MUST be on the flickr site by 12pm SLT to be considered for the Auditions.  If they are not there you will not receive a notice to walk.

THEME for Photo Submissions for 2016: 

Typical Day of YOU

Show us who you are.  We want you to show us what makes you happy…how you dress..who you are RL/SL.  Its your opportunity to dress how you want us to perceive you…not how we want to see you dressed.  BE YOU…




Audition Dates:

January 2nd  2016 10am & 6 p.m, slt
January 3rd 2016 10am & 6p.m, slt

The castings are open to everyone who submitted a valid head shot and full body shot to the FLICKR site.  All individuals will be treated fairly and with kindness.

THEME for Audition:

HOLLY WOOD….. wear whatever your comfortable in, that screams “YOU”

IF chosen, from the walk you will be notified within 24 hours (by 6p.m. on the 4th of January 2016) and the notice will be released in Group, L’Amour Mr. & Miss Model International, Facebook, and other forms of social media.


Information Meetings will be held  on

January 5th @ 10am & 7pm

January 7th 10am & 7pm

You MUST attend one of the meetings or you will be dropped from the competition and another will take your spot.  This is where you will get all the information about upcoming weekly competition dates…etc. So missing this is NOT AN OPTION. Failure to attend will forfeit your place in the competition. There is NO exception to this rule so we may keep the competition fair to all involved.


This is the official launch of Mr. & Miss Model International 2016.  You will be introduced in a formal event.  This is MANDATORY, if you do not attend you will be dropped.

Theme: Renaissance

Date: January 9th 2016

Time: 1-4 pm SLT


First competition is: TBA

This will be a runway competition. Theme to be released at Candidate meeting along with dates of future competitions.


The top 5 males and females will be announced  TBA……

Those final candidates will then have their final competition on TBA . In which we will crown a MR. & MISS Model International 2016

Theme and venue to be announced


By entering this contest and submitting your photo you agree to grant full permissions to L’Amour Productions, it’s staff, members, and affiliates. to use pictures, statements, videos etc. in all forms of social media for promotion of the Mr. & Miss Model International.

ALL submitted photos for competitions must be taken by YOURSELF….NO EXCEPTIONS.  If a photo is submitted and not taken by the candidate it will be disqualified and no points will be given for that event.


You MUST join the Mr. & Miss Model International in world.

You Must put Mr. & Miss Model International in your Picks on your profile

Facebook: MrMissModeLInternational (case sensitive)

We would like you to blog, share in social media (facebook, flickr etc) your involvement and styling each week. If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to either Cacilia McMasters or Ava Jhamin.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope that you will be joining us in the journey to crown for Mr. & Miss Model International 2016 !


Cacilia McMaster, COO & Director
Mr. & Miss SL Model International (MMI)
L’Amour Productions MMI Corp. (TM)

Ava Jhamin CEO
Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI)


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